April 2022

Guided tour on the trail of the golden egg

Easter-themed castle tours

For Wednesdays in April, we have offered special Easter tours for children!

The children came to discover the history of the castle and life in the 18th century in Arcelot. In order to learn while having fun, they had to solve puzzles in order to find the golden egg hidden in the castle. Congratulations to all the children for discovering the precious treasure! A bag of chocolate was then offered as a reward.  We look forward to welcoming you for more guided tours with puzzles  : an excellent moment of sharing for young and old!

April 6 and 13  Easter workshops

For Wednesdays in April, we offered creative workshops for children after visiting the castle  !

The children decorated egg boxes that they could reuse to look for Easter eggs hidden in their garden or during the egg hunt at the Château d’Arcelot.  A moment of creation giving children free rein to their imagination: beautiful creations have been made!